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Surface Roughness Tester - Australia

We sell and stock Surface Roughness testers in Australia. Call us to discuss your application. Ra, Rz are common scales, but we can measure almost all scales parameters or surface roughness profiles such as waviness and contour.

Surface roughness testing measures the profile of a surface to determine the quality of the finish. The range of surface roughness can measure down to 0.05 μm, so the accuracy and resolution of our surface roughness testers is precise.

It allows for almost all engineering applications. There are two main types of surface roughness meters. An integrated type that is ideal for larger, flat and slightly curved surfaces. It has a stylus inbuilt underneath the instrument body and therefore can only test areas that it can sit on top of. We sell the TIME TR110 or the Starr Instruments RTD100 units that are this basic style of surface roughness gauge. This unit usually has limited parameters but covers the most common units which are Ra and Rz.

We also have the TIME TR200 and Starr Instruments RTD200 which have an inductive, diamond-tipped stylus that is externally housed. The stylus is very delicate and highly sensitive so it is removable for safety when not in use. This unit allows for the testing inside bores and hard to reach locations. It also has wider range of surface roughness parameters including some profiling and of course the common Ra and Rz over a wider range up to +/- 160µm.

Please contact the experienced Testequip team to discuss your application so that we can assist in your product selection.


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